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Antibiotic Prophylaxis 2015 update

Antibiotic prophylaxis recommendations exist for two groups of patients:

  • those with heart conditions that may predispose them to infective endocarditis
  • those who have a prosthetic joints and may be at risk for developing hematogenous infections at the site of the prosthetic.

  • prosthetic cardiac valve or prosthetic material used for cardiac valve repair 
  • a history of infective endocarditis
  • a cardiac transplant that develops cardiac valvulopathy 
  • the following congenital (present from birth) heart disease:a
    • unrepaired cyanotic congenital heart disease, including palliative shunts and conduits
    • a completely repaired congenital heart defect with prosthetic material or device, whether placed by surgery or by catheter intervention, during the first six months after the procedureb
    • any repaired congenital heart defect with residual defect at the site or adjacent to the site of a prosthetic patch or a prosthetic device (that inhibit endothelialization)
  • Panel concluded that prophylactic antibiotics given prior to dental procedures are not recommended for patients with prosthetic joint implants.


There are numerous volunteer opportunities available, from helping with sealants and restorative days once a year, to creating monthly DSHS accepting dental day in your clinic. Please contact us if you need any assistance.

ADA Guidelines

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