ASA 1 – normal healthy pt.

cannot be obese or use tobacco (auto ASA 2)

ASA 2 – controlled disease in 1 body system

can walk up stairs, BP>140/90, smoker, controlled hyper/hypothyroidism, MI or CVA >6mths ago, any Rx medication, birth control pills

ASA 3 – poorly controlled disease in 1 body system or well-controlled disease in more than 1 system

pt w/ severe systemic disease,

BP>160/95, stable angina, hypertension poorly controlled

ASA 4 – end stage disease, constant threat to life, severe systemic problems (ex: end stage renal disease)

pt w/ severe systemic disease that is life threatening,

BP>200/115, uncontrolled diabetes, end stage renal, supplemental O2

ASA 5 – moribund pt who is not expected to survive without operation

end stage heart/lung disease

ASA 6 – declared brain-dead pt whose organs are being removed for donor purposes


Dental Procedures requiring prophylaxis

-extraction, prophylaxis, scaling/root planing, endodontic tx, restorative tx, suture removal

-administered single dose 30-60min before tx

-can be administered up to 2 hours minimum after only if missed prior to procedure

Link to ADA recommendation


 Classification Systolic
Normal <120 <80
PreHypertension 120-139 80-90
Hypertension stage 1 140-159 90-100
Hypertension stage 2 >160 >100